• What is the deadline for delivery by the first of the month?

    To guarantee your newsletters arrive by the first of the month, your updates must be submitted by midnight on the 15th.

    Orders submitted after the deadline are processed in the order they were received. When ordering after the 15th, you will have the option to add priority shipping to your order.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    While we don’t have any long-term contracts, we will ask you to sign a subscription agreement. This essentially requires a 30-day, notice should you have to cancel your newsletter service.

  • Do you offer bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters?

    Our newsletters are designed and priced with monthly subscribers in mind. We can, however, offer bi-monthly and quarterly subscription plans. Please contact your representative for more information.

  • What happens should I forget to submit my information?

    We know you have to wear lots of hats and it’s easy to sometimes overlook a deadline. That’s why we always send email reminders prior to the 15th so missing your deadline is less likely.

    As part of your subscription agreement, even if you forget to submit your order, you’re always assured of receiving a professionally designed issue.

  • Which sections of the newsletter do I complete ?

    Multifamily newsletter: You can add your content to the front and back pages of your newsletter.
    We complete the inside of your newsletter with useful how-tos, timely lifestyle tips and current entertainment features.

    Senior living newsletter: Your article content appears on the your newsletter’s front page. The inside opens to an 11 x 17 inch calendar with plenty of room to list events, reminders and birthdays.

    We complete the back page for you with stories which appear to a more mature reader.

  • Do you charge a set-up fee?

    No. Unlike some newsletter companies who charge as much as $125 just to set up your account, we value your business and offer Free account set-up. That saves you money from day one!

  • Do I have to pay when I place my order or will you bill us?

    We will mail an invoice once your order has been processed. If you prefer to receive your invoices via email, through Ops Technology, or another invoice processing service, please inform your account executive. Invoice terms are net 30.

  • Will the newsletter work for an HOA or manufactured housing community?

    Absolutely! Because the pre-written feature stories are not specific to apartment living, many home owner’s associations and manufactured home communities are successfully using our newsletter service.